3 keycards are included with every smartlock purchase. These keycards and will work permanently with your specific smartlock (smart padlock, smart doorlock, smart deadbolt).  They are NOT time-sensitive keycards.  

If you want to purchase more keycards, please email us at support@digitalkeys.io (include your username) or order them at the Digital Keys online store here https://www.digitalkeys.io/product-page/keycards-and-keyfobs-set-of-5. These are a specific brand of NFC Mifare keycard that cannot be purchased anywhere else (Digital Keys will program them for use with your smartlock before posting to you).

If you are the user of a smartlock (and not the owner/account administrator) your smartlock owner/account administrator may make keycards available to you which may work for specific time periods (e.g if you are staying at a hotel or motel the keycard will only work for the duration of your stay). 

If you are the user and you want your keycards to work for requested specific time periods you will need to follow up with the smartlock owner/account administrator to see if this option is available to you).

If you are the owner/account administrator of a smartlock, or if you considering purchasing smartlocks (to be the owner/account administrator) and you would like to use the digital keys app for writing to NFC keycards for time-sensitive use (for example if you own a hotel, and you want to make the keycards work for your guests for their booking times), please email us info@digitalkeys.co for more information on how to download the digital keys 'write to keycards' app.