As account administrator you need to add a user to the account, so they can receive digital keys from you, and so that you can trace their unlocking events in the events table.


Adding a User

  1. Go to the User page by selecting 'User' on the left hand side menu bar. or select 'Add new user' button in the dashboard home
  2. Enter email of the user in the top field box (if it is for yourself, enter your own email). This will also be the username for your user which they will need to enter into their digital keys app to use digital keys.
  3. Enter first and last name, and set a password
  4. Select a role that best describes the user and why they have access from the pre-set choices in the drop down box. Each one of these of these roles have different access rights, so be sure to check the access rights by clicking the question mark at the top of this box.
  5. Click submit button

The user will then appear in your user list. The user will also receive an email inviting them to download the digital keys app and log in with their email address. See 'Making and Using Digital Keys' section on how to make digital keys for these users.