As account administrator you can make digital keys for any user for any smartlock for any date/time period. You can also cancel the digital keys at anytime, even if the valid time period has not expired.


Generate a digital key

Your digital key will only work for the date and time period you select. After you have generated the digital key for a specific user, that user will receive an email notification that the digital key has been generated for them, and the digital key will also appear in the users digital keys app (they must log in to the digital keys app with the same email as what they are registered with in as a user in our system). See section 'Adding users'; for more information.

Steps to generate a digital key

  1. Click Digital Key menu on side menu bar, then click 'new button' at the top of the screen (or click 'new digital key' from the dashboard)

      2.  Add a description for the digital key that helps you and/or your users know what the digital key is for - for example                 key for plumber for Thursday afternoon only.

    3. Select the smartlock from the drop down menu for which lock you want to create the digital key for.

    4. Select the date and time range you want the digital key to work for from the drop down calendar and time booking                 engine

  1. Select the date and time you want the digital key to work for. 
  2. Click anywhere inside the field box to bring up the date and time picker.
  3. Click on the date you want the digital key to start working on
  4. Click the date you want the digital key to expire (the dates will highlight)
  5. Select the time you want the digital key to start working on selected date
  6. Select the time you want the digital key to expire.

    5. Select the user that you want to make the digital key for in the drop-down user list (all users previously added to your             system will be displayed here)

    6. Select the role of your user. Choose ‘ROLE-USER’ unless you want them to receive additional features in their digital keys         app such as ‘write to keycard’ (this is typically done by the account administrator). When all fields are filled in, click the           submit button.

The digital key is created and appears in the digital keys table list (e.g see below - this is a list of all digital keys that have been created) - if the dates for the digital key created is current to the local time, the digital key will display as “ACTIVE”, or if you log back in at the time the digital key is set for, it will display “ACTIVE”. Digital Keys that have expired are displayed in the table as “EXPIRED”. All other digital keys coming up in the future are displayed as “UPCOMING”. The user will receive their digital key immediately on the digital keys app in the form of an unlock button after you have generated the screen (if there app is open, they simply refresh the screen). 

Using the digital key

If the user has their digital keys app open, they will need to refresh their screen for the digital key to appear. If the user has the digital keys app closed, the next time they open the app the digital key will already be there in the digital keys list. 

For the user to unlock this smartlock during the period for which the digital key has been set to work, they simply need to hit the unlock button in the app, or for NFC phones with NFC switched on, they simply need to open the app and hold it up to the reader on the lock to unlock it (many old iPhones do not feature NFC, so old iPhone users will need to hit the 'unlock (network) button to unlock the smartlocks)

Cancel a digital key

As an account administrator you can delete the digital key at anytime.

Steps to cancel a digital key

  1. Select ‘delete’ from side menu bar as shown below. This will then delete the digital key from the end users app, or wipe their PIN code from the locks memory.