Add a building/site location to your account so you can attach selected smartlocks to that building.

Adding a building means you can more easily select your smartlocks and interact with them.


  • Step 1 - Add a building
  • Step 2 - Add smartlocks to building

Step 1 - Add a building/site location

Choose the buildings menu item in the side menu bar to bring up the Buildings page.

1. Click 'New' button (see in image below)

2. Enter address details into the form boxes HINT: You can get the latitude and longitude from Google Maps (right click on the red location PIN/balloon and it displays the latitude and longitude coordinates. You can copy and paste from here (or click 'Whats here' in the menu to display the coordinates)

3. Click Submit

The building will then be added to the building table list and a location PIN icon (red bubble) will drop onto the maps (you can then click on the location PIN icon to bring up all your smartlocks.

Step 2 - Attach smartlocks to building/site location

1. Click 'View smart locks' button on the building/site location you just created (see in screenshot 1 below)

2. Click 'New' button on smartlocks page (see in screenshot 2 below)

3. Enter details of the lock in the 'Register a smartlock' screen (HINT: give the smartlock a name and description to help your users locate it e.g description 'On the door on left after walking through entrance')

4. Click 'Submit'

After you have entered all the details for your new smartlock it will then appear in your smartlock list table. From here you can interact with the smartlock in various ways - see section 'Interacting with your smartlock' for more.