NB IoT smart locks, part of our smart access control system, connect to the Internet via a new wireless communication technology called NarrowBand Internet of Things (NB IoT) - not Wi-Fi. Each NB IoT smart lock contains a small computer called a Microcontroller, a small modem called a NB IoT module, and a NB IoT SIM card, (similar to what you find inside a mobile phone) which enables the smart locks to connect to the NB IoT network that 'sits on' the telecommunication companies mobile network. The NB IoT network is a purpose built network for the Internet of Things devices. Up until recently if you wanted a device to connect to the internet, you would have to use Wi-Fi or 2G/3G/4G, or wired ethernet, but these technologies were designed and built specifically for humans to talk, and for sending, receiving and streaming large files. For the first time, devices or 'machines' have their own purpose built communication network, which is more secure, more reliable, and more efficient than anything else before it.