You can request at anytime a digital key from inside the digital keys app. Upon making a request for a digital key, after choosing date/time and lock, your account administrator will receive an email asking to approve your request. 

The account administrator can approve the request simply by hitting an approve button inside their email. The idea of this function is to make management of the locks and system the most efficient it can be, so the account administrator does not have to worry about logging into the software and generating new digital keys each time for authorised users. This could be a large time-consuming task if there are hundreds of users requiring access on a daily/weekly basis. 

The end-user can 'generate the digital key' themselves inside the app and all they have to do to get access to a lock is to seek the approval of the account adminstrator, by getting them to hit one button inside their email.

1. To make a request for a digital key, firstly select 'Request a Digital Key' from the menu bar - as shown below.

2. Select the date and time for the digital key to work (select outer circle on the clock face first for times between 12AM-11:59AM. Choose the inner circle on the lock face for times between midday and midnight. 


3. Choose from the list the locks/access points which you want a digital key for. This list will be made available for you to choose from when your account administrator first sets you up as a regular user in the digital keys management software account. If the lock you want access to is not on the list, then please follow up with your account administrator. 

4. Review your Digital Key request, and if you like, give a message to your account administrator stating why you need the digital key for the date/time you have requested. For example you could say, "I'm opening the shop tomorrow as John is on leave, and so I need the digital key, or "I need to get to the server room tomorrow between 2-3pm to upload some updates of the software", or whatever reason it is you need to get a digital key. After you hit the 'Submit your request' button, your account administrator will immediately receive an email, and if they approve by hitting the one button in the email, then your digital key will appear within a few seconds. You will need to refresh the screen if you have the app open to see your new digital key(s).